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RMG gas meter products use the latest physical and chemical measurement methods, allowing accurate measurement and analysis of gas quantity and quality.

The RMG portfolio includes a range of products that support energy-efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply. Energy content is calculated using computers that take into account gas analysis values and can apply various calculation formulas depending on the requirements.


RMG products are fully integrable, pre-tuned, and pre-assembled, making them ready for immediate use. Our expert team is available to find the best solution for your needs.

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Gas quantity measurement

RMG’s flagship meter: highest accuracy and measuring ranges
The GT400 series is the pinnacle of continuous product development in ultrasonic measurement technology. Due to the pressure-resistant design of the sensor technology, particularly high sound power levels are available, allowing the meter to be immune to interference even under critical installation conditions.
Virtual Measurement Path Technology (VMPT) is available for all GT400 gas ultrasonic meters. VMPT provides a virtual verification measurement method without the addition of additional meter components.

The TRZ03 series is an excellent representation of a proven and mature technology that is widely used throughout the natural gas industry due to its good price-performance ratio.

The TRZ03 is used both in the pipeline networks of the transport companies (TSOs) and in the transfer stations of the distribution network operators (DSOs) when high measuring accuracy for custody transfer operation, short inlet distances, robust and low-maintenance devices are required. In addition to the classic mechanical roller counter and the electrical pulse outputs, the meter can optionally be equipped with an encoder for serial transmission of the meter reading.

Gas quality measurement

The PGC 9300 gas chromatograph is suitable for the analysis of the composition of natural gas, biogas, and power-2 gas and their mixed gases. A PGC version is available for every application, so you are sure to find the right product for your needs.
The gas components are used by the analysis computer to calculate additional values such as upper and lower heating value, standard density, and Wobbe index. The Process Gas Chromatograph is officially approved by the PTB for natural gas, biogas, and natural gas with an O2 ratio of 5% and an H2 ratio of 20%.