SIDOR gas odorization control system for unique and redundant systems.

Basics of the system:

  • B&R C70 high performance integrated PLC
  • X20 type I/O cards
  • 7.0” colored touch panel
  • 19” 3U rack design
  • 24V DC 1.2A



User interface:

  • Front panel keyboard
  • Touch screen
  • Wireless diagnostic and parameterization functions are available on: iOS, Android, Windows

Key features:

  • Automatic dispensing adjustment of odorant to momentary consumption, according to dispensing norm
  • Display of hourly, daily and monthly data
  • Save parameters and data to its own flash based memory
  • Compatible with SIDOR odorization technology*


  • Unique odorization system:
    • Magnetic pump dispenser
    • Motor pump dispenser
  • Central odorization system:
    • Redundant design
    • Ordinal performance switch

*In case of costumer request, the system can be adapted to other odorization system. For more information on the complete SIDOR system including the technology unit, please contact NG Project.